Born and raised in Nashville, TN — Miss Wanda went to Hillsboro High School and attended Belmont College for Art Education. 

She began working in childcare in 1990. Her passion for educating young minds and wanting to be a stay-at-home parent is the reason she opened Miss Wanda's Daycare in August of 1994. Miss Wanda has proudly cared for 2 generations of children so far, include 3 children of her own.

Her favorite part about this growing daycare community is the love and long lasting relationships kept with the children and families; some whom have grown up and now work alongside her and have sent their own children here as well! Parents come for the small daycare experience, but stay because of the love and support of being a part of our daycare family. 

Miss Wanda is very active in supporting her community by volunteering at the community centers and local children's athletics. 

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